We exist to serve the southern coastal region with accessible professional theatre that encourages growth through imagination and bravery.


To become the most respectable theatre in the country and transform the contemporary theatre standard and experience.


Accessibility: All people deserve the opportunity to experience live professional theatre. We will create theatre that is important and necessary to a wide range of underserved audiences. Making theatre accessible also means creating experiences that engage non-theatre goers into reconsidering our art form.

Action Driven Story Telling: From selection to performance, we find the heart of every story and drive our storytelling through the action of the characters. By doing so, we allow our audience to engage in the truth of the moment and the heart of the story.

Growth: Growth comes from taking risks. Growth comes from failure and from success. It comes from humility and an eagerness to better oneself. Once we cease to learn, we cease to discover and dream. Audiences are not immune, so we also encourage our audiences to learn, to take risks and use their imagination. A collective fervor to stretch beyond our comfort zone will only deepen our experiences.

Imagination and Bravery: Our imagination is a huge part of our artistic and administrative processes as well as the theatre going experience. Bravery is the nerve to put those dreams and ideas into action either onstage or in the office. Without the duality of these values, we believe the experience is diminished. 


Savannah Stage Company is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

P.O. Box 3944, Savannah, Georgia 31404